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Print this page Print this page Visa Subclass 470 Professional Development (Temporary)

Note: DIAC has advised that this visa subclass will be closed to all new applications from 25 November 2012.


New applicants will be advised to apply for a Training & Research visa (visa subclass 402) which has 3 streams:

  • occupational trainee,
  • professional development, and
  • research.


The Professional Development visa is a temporary residence visa granted up to a maximum period of 12 months. It is intended for groups of professionals, managers and government officials from overseas who are seeking to enhance their professional/managerial skills by taking part in tailored development programs designed by an Australian sponsoring organisation.

Assurance of Support


Permanent Resident




What Payments Eligible For

None - holder of a temporary visa. Does not meet the SSAct definition of Australian resident.


Last reviewed: 12 November 2012


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