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Print this page Print this page Visa Subclass 111 Transitional Permanent Visas

Note: Transitional permanent visas are not provided for by the Migration Regulations, and are not 'granted' in the same way as other visas. Instead, all Transitional permanent visas came into effect on 1 September 1994, by operation of Regulation 4 of the Migration Reform (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 1994. Regulation 4 provided that any person who held a permanent visa or entry permit that was in effect on 1 September 1994 is taken to hold a Transitional permanent visa. That is, no decision maker ever makes a decision to grant a Transitional permanent visa - all such visas were granted by operation of law.


Strictly speaking, there is no subclass 111. The visa code 111 is simply a dummy code used by DIAC systems to identify transitional permanent visas. In fact, these visas have no subclass number.

Assurance of Support

Depends on the kind of visa or entry permit originally granted to the holder. That is, if an AoS was signed in relation to the original visa or entry permit, the AoS continued for the purposes of the Transitional Permanent Visa.

(Note: The AoS period for most Transitional Permanent Visas would now have expired).

Permanent Resident



Depends on the kind of visa or entry permit originally granted to the holder.

What Payments Eligible For

Qualifies for Age only if:

- has 10 years qualifying residence, OR

- the claimant was receiving WidB, WA or PA immediately before reaching pension age, OR

- the claimant:

  • - is a woman, AND
  • - her partner has died, AND
  • - both the claimant and her partner were Australian residents at the time of the partner's death, AND
  • - the woman was an Australian resident for a continuous period of at least 104 weeks immediately before the day she lodged the claim for Age.


Qualifies for DSP only if:

- has 10 years qualifying residence, OR

- the event causing the person's incapacity to work occurred while an Australian resident.


Payments subject to a NARWP (1.1.N.70) are payable only if the person has either served, or is exempt from, the NARWP.

Policy reference: SS Guide Exemptions from Waiting Periods


May be eligible for FTB and CCB.

Policy reference: FA Guide Verifying Residence/Citizenship, Australian Residency Exceptions for CCB


Last reviewed: 11 February 2013


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