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Print this page Print this page Visa Subclass 806 Family

Note: DIAC has advised that this visa is no longer issued and was repealed in November 1999.


Assurance of Support


Note: Family visa holders are always subject to an AoS. The AoS starts on the date of arrival in Australia or the date the relevant visa was granted, whichever is later, and remains valid for 2 calendar years from that date.

Permanent Resident

Yes - exempt from CP NARWP, but only if a 'Special need relative' or 'Carer' (check statistical code next to visa subclass)



What Payments Eligible For

Qualifies for Age only if:

- has 10 years qualifying residence, or

- the claimant was receiving WidB, WA or PA immediately before reaching pension age, or

- the claimant:

  • - is a woman, and
  • - her partner has died, and
  • - both the claimant and her partner were Australian residents at the time of the partner's death, and
  • - the woman was an Australian resident for a continuous period of at least 104 weeks immediately before the day she lodged the claim for Age.


Qualifies for DSP only if:

- has 10 years qualifying residence, or

- the event causing the person's incapacity to work occurred while an Australian resident.


Payments subject to a NARWP (1.1.N.70) are payable only if the person has either served, or is exempt from, the NARWP.

Policy reference: SS Guide Exemptions from Waiting Periods


May be eligible for FTB and CCB.

Policy reference: FA Guide Verifying Residence/Citizenship, Australian Residency Exceptions for CCB


CP - exempt from NARWP if a special need relative or on CP.


Last reviewed: 12 November 2012


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