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Temporary protection visas

Note: Due to the reintroduction of the 785 Temporary Protection Visa on 18 October 2013 some of the information on this page may not be current. The policy is currently under review and it is expected that this page will be updated in the 2 January 2014 release.


On 9 August 2008 the TPV was abolished. This means that all initial applicants for a protection visa who are found to be eligible for Australia's protection obligations now receive a permanent protection visa.


Certain Temporary Humanitarian Visas (THVs) granted to people outside Australia were also abolished on that date. These visas were Secondary Movement Relocation (Temporary) (subclass 451) and Secondary Movement Offshore Entry (Temporary) (subclass 447) visas.


Current and former TPV and THV holders still in Australia on 9 August 2008 now have access to a permanent visa with the same benefits and entitlements of the permanent protection visa. This visa is called the Resolution of Status (Permanent) (Class CD) (subclass 851) visa. Only health, character and security requirements need to be met for this visa, and there is no reassessment of protection claims required.


Other relevant visas

They are as follows:


Access to social security

Holders of TPVs and other humanitarian temporary visas are temporary residents of Australia and are therefore not Australian residents within the meaning of SSAct section 7(2). However, the Minister may sign determinations under SSAct sections 729(2)(f)(v) and 739A(6) whereby holders of TPVs, or other humanitarian temporary visas, even though they are not permanent residents, may qualify for SpB and be exempt from the SpB NARWP, immediately on the grant of their respective visas. They may also qualify for family assistance and related payments but do not qualify for any other social security payments.


Last reviewed: 11 November 2013


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