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8.4.2 Immediate Payments


This section contains information on the various methods of payment for immediate payments.


Differences between types of non-standard payments

It is important to understand the difference between various kinds of non-standard payments that are called similar names.


The following table outlines the differences between:

  • an urgent payment,
  • a hardship advance payment, and
  • a lump sum advance payment.

Type of Payment

Can only be made to…

An urgent payment

EXISTING customers already receiving a payment.

Explanation: All social security periodic payments can be paid as an urgent payment.

A hardship advance payment

customers being granted a payment for their first instalment.

Customers being restored to payment for their first instalment after restoration.

Hardship advances can only be paid for a social security pension or benefit.

A lump sum advance payment

a customer receiving a social security entitlement (section 23(1)-'social security entitlement'), who has received some sort of income support payment (section 23(1)-'income support payment') for the 3 months immediately before applying for the advance.


Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security entitlement', section 23(1)-'income support payment'

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for Certain Benefits & PPS Advance Payments


In this section

This section contains the following topics: Urgent Payments Hardship Advance Payment


Last reviewed: 7 June 2004


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