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Print this page Print this page Portability & Rate under the 2002 Agreement with New Zealand


The 'period of portability' allowed for all payments if the recipient is going to New Zealand is the same as for going to any other country.

Example: Usually 6 weeks, but indefinite for some payments such as Age.


However, from 1 July 2002, a new Agreement with New Zealand affects the rate of some payments if the person goes to New Zealand long term.


If they go to New Zealand, Age, DSP and CP (for partner-carers of DSP only) will be paid at a rate determined by the 2002 Agreement with New Zealand as follows:

  • if they intend to go for >12 months, the special Agreement rate applies from date of arrival in New Zealand, or
  • if they go for <12 months, the normal rate payable in Australia continues for 26 weeks and then the special Agreement rate applies.


For further information on:

  • calculation of rates under the New Zealand Agreement, see 10.2.8 Rate Calculation - Agreement with New Zealand, and/or
  • paying agreement pensions to people who move between Australia and New Zealand, see 10.2.9 Paying Agreement Benefits Overseas - Agreement with New Zealand.


Payments not covered by the Agreements have their rate determined under normal rules.


Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 3 New Zealand

Policy reference: SS Guide 10.2 Agreement with New Zealand 2002


Last reviewed: 2 January 2013


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