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This topic covers reviews of a person in receipt of CP to determine their continued eligibility for payment. There are 3 forms of review:

  • a full review - involves the completion of a new ADAT including a medical assessment of the care receiver, and confirmation of the care situation,
  • an income (section 8(1)-'income') and assets (1.1.A.290) review for the carer and the care receiver (1.1.C.20), and
  • a child review - a review of the lower ADAT score adult's dependent child against the CA (child) criteria.


Act reference: SSAct section 8(1)-'income'


Full review of lower ADAT score adult

A lower ADAT score adult is fully reviewed annually under the ADAT.


Child reviews will be conducted as follows:

If the adult and child are…


a lower ADAT score adult, AND

the child is less than 6 years of age, AND

does not qualify a carer for CA (child),

the child will be reviewed at age 6 years to establish whether CA for the child is appropriate. If not appropriate a full review of the adult's situation will need to be undertaken to establish whether the adult qualifies the carer in his or her own right.

a lower ADAT score adult, AND

the child is less than 16 years, AND

does qualify a carer for CA (child),

the child will be reviewed according to the CDAT regime. An earlier review may be set at the delegate's discretion.


Review of carer & care receiver income & assets

The carer's income and assets will be reviewed annually as part of the full review.


A care receiver who is not in receipt of a social security or DVA pension/benefit but who has qualified their carer for CP by meeting the special income and assets test is required to undergo an annual review of their income and assets.


In the case of a lower ADAT score adult and that adult's dependent child, the care receiver income and assets test is applied to the lower ADAT score adult, that person's partner, the dependent child and any FTB siblings.


Last reviewed: 9 February 2012


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