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This topic explains the main types and causes of income (section 8(1)-'income') and asset (1.1.A.290) reviews. This topic covers the following matters:

  • the purpose of income and asset reviews,
  • the causes of income and asset reviews,
  • the timing of a review,
  • income reviews versus income AND asset reviews,
  • automatic and manual issue of reviews, and
  • the result of a review.


Act reference: SSAct section 8(1)-'income'


Purpose of income & asset reviews

Centrelink conducts income and assets reviews to ensure that recipients continue to receive their correct pension entitlement. A review generally involves reassessing a recipient's circumstances in the same way as the original claim was assessed, although in some cases other provisions are specified.


Causes of income & asset reviews

A review is conducted when a person's circumstances change. Centrelink initiates a review when it becomes aware of a person's changed circumstances from one of the following sources:

  • a person, or someone on their behalf, OR
  • a third party (see example), OR
  • automatically produced by the system, OR
  • data matching and profiling, OR
  • follow-up of a manually recorded review, usually identified as needed at an earlier assessment.

Example: Through information, from say the Australian Federal Police, or through public denunciation.


Policy reference: SS Guide 6.1.2 Change in Circumstance Reviews, 6.5 Profiling Reviews


Income reviews versus income AND asset reviews

The following table shows the 2 main types of reviews conducted when a person's circumstances change and when each type is used.

A review of a person's…

Occurs with a change in their…


income ONLY,

TOTAL income and assets,

asset value that approaches the relevant asset limit.

Explanation: Asset changes that do NOT affect a person's asset value limit are usually only recorded, with no review action taken.


Timing of review

A review can be conducted immediately and/or at a specified date in the future.


Automatic & manual issue of reviews

The following table shows which reviews are generated automatically by the system, or manually by staff. A subsequent manual review is coded for a later date whenever any outstanding issues need to be clarified or reviewed.

A review is issued…


automatically by the system,

- asset reviews, for recipients (with the exception of Age, WP and WidB recipients) paid under the assets test, AND

- asset value reviews of financial investments (1.1.F.135), although these can also be requested on the system, AND

- AVO reviews, although these can also be requested on the system, AND

- pensioners (Age, WP, WidB and PPS recipients) identified through profiling, AND

  • - income and asset reviews of private trusts and private companies, AND
  • - overseas selective pensioner entitlement reviews, AND

- 6-month overseas reviews.

automatically by the system, AFTER action by staff,

- asset reviews of hardship and PLS recipients, AND

- tax return reviews for sole traders and partnerships, AND

- reviews of future entitlement to a lump sum or assets from superannuation, compensation (1.1.C.240), or a deceased estate, AND

- principal home (1.1.P.420) reviews for sale of the home or absence due to nursing home (1.1.N.140) admission.

manually, after a system prompt,

- data matching reviews of the records of the ATO, DIAC, and state corrective services departments, AND

- National Selective Review System (NSRS) -reviews for local initiatives, office referrals, public information, and profiling reviews.

manually by staff, as needed,

- recipient requested reviews, AND

- qualification (1.1.Q.10) reviews, AND

- fluctuating income or casual earnings reviews.


Result of a review

Once a recipient's circumstances have been re-assessed, there may or may not be an effect on their payment. This will depend on the qualification and payability rules for the specific payment.


Policy reference: SS Guide Part 3 Qualification & Payability, Pensions Income Test & Limits, 4.2.3 Pensions & Benefits Assets Tests & Limits, 6.5 Profiling Reviews


Last reviewed: 1 July 2010


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