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5.5 Samples of Rate Calculations


This chapter contains examples of rate calculations for pensions, benefits, benefit PPP (1.1.P.52), and examples of asset test hardship cases.


These rate calculations illustrate the process of calculating rates and do not necessarily include entitlement to supplementary payments in each case. Although the rates used in these samples may no longer be current, the principles underlying the calculations are correct and current.


Note: Rate calculations for pensions paid under international social security agreements (1.1.A.120) are done differently. When dealing with an agreement pension, consult SS Guide Part 10.


Policy reference: SS Guide 7.1 Conditions for Payment Outside Australia, 10.1.9 Agreement Rate Calculations, Part 10 Australian Social Security Agreements


In this chapter

This chapter contains the following sections:

5.5.1 Samples of Pension Rate Calculations

5.5.2 Samples of Allowance Rate Calculations - Single Person

5.5.3 Samples of Allowance Rate Calculations - Partnered Recipient

5.5.4 Samples of PP Rate Calculations

5.5.5 Samples of DRA Rate Calculations

5.5.6 Samples of Asset Test Hardship Calculations


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