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5.1 Current Rates


This chapter contains the current rates of payment. Each topic in the chapter also provides information on the timing and indexation (1.1.I.100) dates of each payment/benefit. Each section is linked to the relevant payment/benefit in Part 3 Qualification & Payability.


Payments excluded

This table shows the payments and schemes that are EXCLUDED from this chapter and the reason why they are excluded.

This payment or scheme…

Has been excluded because it is a…

Fares allowance,

reimbursement of costs.

Pensioner loan scheme,

loan facility with no set rate.

Student financial supplement scheme,

loan facility with no set rate.

Northern Territory CDEP transition payment has no set rate - refer to 3.13.2.


In this chapter

The chapter contains the following sections:

5.1.1 Newstart & Youth Allowance - Current Rates

5.1.2 Other Labour Market & Older Students - Current Rates

5.1.3 Retirement & Widows - Current Rates

5.1.4 Families & Parenting - Current Rates

5.1.5 Disability & Carer - Current Rates

5.1.6 Special Payments - Current Rates

5.1.7 Supplementary Benefits - Current Rates

5.1.8 Common Rates Tables

5.1.9 Pension Supplement & Seniors Supplement - Current Rates

5.1.10 Clean Energy Household Assistance - Current Rates


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