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4.3 Ordinary Income


This chapter contains information on the types of ordinary income that affect a recipient's payments. Information on income that is exempt from assessment is also included.


Ordinary income means gross income, without any reduction, other than a deduction from business income under SSAct Division 1A.


The treatment of compensation falling within the definition of SSAct section 17(2) is found in 4.13 Compensation.


Other specific types of income are covered in the chapters shown in the following table.

Type of income


Income for Family Assistance Payments

FA Guide 3.2

Business Structures, Trusts & Primary Producers

SS Guide 4.7

Superannuation & Income Streams

4.8 and 4.9

Deeming Provisions



Act reference: SSAct section 8(1)-'income amount', 1072 General meaning of ordinary income

Policy reference: SS Guide 4.7 Business Structures, Primary Production & pre-01/01/2002 Assessment of Trusts & Private Companies


In this chapter

This chapter contains the following sections:

4.3.1 Income Rates & Definitions

4.3.2 Income Exempt from Assessment

4.3.3 Income from Employment

4.3.4 Income Maintenance Period

4.3.5 Income from DVA

4.3.6 Income from Overseas, Including Pensions, War Pensions & Restitution Payments

4.3.7 Number not currently in use

4.3.8 Income from Property

4.3.9 Income from Other Sources


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