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4.13.1 Overview of Compensation


This section contains information on the general effect of compensation on social security payments for compensation recipients and their partner, and entitlement to low income HCCs.


It also contains information on why some compensation payments affect social security income support where others do not.


Act reference: SSAct section 17(2) Compensation, Part 3.14 Compensation recovery

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.1.9 Compensation Provisions, 4.13 Compensation, 6.4 Compensation Recovery


In this section

This section contains the following topics: What is Compensation Assessment of Compensatory Type Payments Treatment of Specific Compensatory Type Payments Effect of Compensation on Compensation Affected Payments Number not currently in use Exemptions from the Compensation Provisions Effect of Compensation on Low Income Health Care Cards


Last reviewed: 2 January 2014


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