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Qualification (1.1.Q.10) criteria

To qualify for a PCC, a person must meet the criteria listed in the following table. Where more detail about a criterion is required, the second column indicates where to find this.


More Detail

ONE of the following

Be an Australian resident and in Australia (1.1.A.320), OR

SS Guide 3.1.1 Residence Requirements

Be in Australia and receiving a social security pension or benefit solely because of the operation of the scheduled international agreement between Australia and New Zealand,

AND ONE of the following

Receiving a social security pension (other than CP for the short term or episodic care of a child, OR


- NSA, or

- YA (job seeker), or

- PP (claimed and granted on or after 1 July 2006),

AND has a partial capacity to work, OR

1.1.P.56 Partial capacity to work (NSA, YA (job seeker), PP & SpB (NVH)) PCC due to Employment


- NSA, or

- YA (job seeker),

AND is a single principal carer, OR

1.1.P.412 Principal carer PCC due to Employment

Aged 60 years or older AND receiving:

- NSA, or

- PA, or

- WA, or

- PPP, or

- SA, or

- special benefit,

AND has been in continuous receipt of one or more of the above income support payments (or a social security pension) for at least the preceding 39 weeks.


Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZA General qualification rules, section 7(2) An Australian resident is a person who:..., section 23(1)-'social security pension'

SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 3 New Zealand


Cardholders travelling overseas

From 1 January 2013, concession cards have a limited non-cancellation period of 6 weeks if the holder departs Australia temporarily. PCCs will remain current if the holder departs Australia temporarily (for no more than 6 weeks). Some payments are portable for longer than 6 weeks but all PCCs are portable for a maximum 6 weeks absence from Australia.


Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZUB Non-cancellation of concession cards for temporary overseas absences

Policy reference: SS Guide Non-cancellation of Concession Cards for Temporary Overseas Absences


Provisions for CDEP participants

A CDEP participant receiving the CPS and/or add-ons is taken to be receiving an income support payment and has automatic access to a PCC, if they would do so while receiving the appropriate income support payment.

Example: A person who is a long-term recipient aged 60 or over, or who has a partial capacity to work, or who is a single principal carer.


Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZA General qualification rules, section 1188H Person receiving CPS to be taken to be in receipt of social security benefit or pension


Provisions for recipients of act of grace payments

A recipient receiving periodical act of grace payment on the same basis as a pension is eligible for a PCC.


Policy reference: SS Guide 1.3.6 Act of Grace Payments


Qualification for certain single principal carer parents following the death of their only dependent child

A single principal carer parent on NSA or YA (job seeker) may retain their PCC for the 14 week bereavement period following the death of their last dependent child.


Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZA(2C) If a person is the principal carer of a child who dies,...

Policy reference: SS Guide Continuation, Variation or Termination of NSA, Continuation, Variation or Termination of YA


Provisions for PLS recipients

The following table indicates whether a PLS recipient is entitled to a PCC.

If the recipient is…

Then they are…

qualified to receive a part rate pension,

eligible for a PCC.

prevented by the income or assets test from receiving a part pension,

NOT eligible for a PCC.


Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZA General qualification rules, section 1061ZA(2) Subject to subsection (3), a person is qualified for a pensioner concession card..., section 1133 Qualification for participation in the pension loans scheme

Policy reference: SS Guide Supplementary Benefits & Assistance for PLS Recipients


Last reviewed: 20 September 2013


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