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This topic explains qualification criteria for EdEP for WidB, PPS, DSP, CP and SpB recipients, as well as the following related issues:

  • separate claim form is not required,
  • early claim,
  • late claim,
  • qualification when recipient is overseas,
  • incorrect EdEP payment, and
  • legislative references.


Qualification criteria for NSA, PA, WP, WA and PPP recipients are discussed in


Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for EdEP - NSA, PA, WP, WA & PPP


Qualification (1.1.Q.10) criteria

To qualify for EdEP, a WidB, PPS, DSP, CP or SpB recipient must meet the criteria listed in the following table. Where more detail about a criterion is required, the second column indicates where you will find this.


More Detail

ALL of the following

PES is payable to the person, AND

Explanation: ABSTUDY PES is NOT a qualification for EdEP.


This topic.

SS Guide Pensioner Education Supplement (PES) - Description

Have NOT received an EdEP that was claimed in the current calendar year.

Explanation: EdEP is paid only once in any calendar year.


Receiving ONE of the following EdEP qualified payments

- widow B pension, OR

- parenting payment (single), OR

- disability support pension, OR

- carer payment, OR

3.4.4 WidB - Qualification & Payability

3.5.1 PP - Qualification & Payability

3.6.1 DSP- Qualification & Payability

3.6.4 CP - Qualification & Payability

Receives SpB BUT be ineligible for PPS because of residency requirements.

3.7.1 SpB - Qualification & Payability


Act reference: SSAct Part 2.13A Education entry payment

Policy reference: SS Guide EdEP - Current Rates


PES verifications

Receipt of PES should be verified before payment of an EdEP.


Separate claim form is not required

A separate claim form is not required because verification of receipt of PES is taken to be a claim for EdEP. For WidB, PPS, DSP, CP or SpB, once PES is payable, an EdEP should be paid automatically by the system. Other PES recipients, WA and WP with a DSP partner, are subject to different EdEP rules ( but they can also be paid an EdEP automatically once PES is payable, as long as they meet the EdEP eligibility criteria applying to those payments.


Early claim

Although a separate formal claim for an EdEP is not required, a WidB, PPS, DSP, CP or SpB recipient may lodge an early claim for EdEP up to 13 weeks before they become qualified for EdEP. However, they can only be paid EdEP while PES is payable to them and the person has not already received EdEP within the current calendar year.

Example: A recipient intends to start studying in January 2010 and lodges an EdEP claim in December 2009. If the recipient qualifies (including PES is payable and no EdEP payments have been made to the recipient in 2009), then their EdEP payment can be made immediately. If the recipient does not qualify, as an EdEP payment has already been made to the recipient in 2009, then the claim should be considered in January 2010 when the recipient qualifies.


Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Schedule 2 clause 4 Start day-early claim, section 39 Deemed refusal of claim


Late claim

A recipient can claim EdEP AFTER they have started the course if they:

  • are receiving PES, AND
  • are receiving one of the following qualifying payments:
    • widow B pension, OR
    • parenting payment (single), OR
    • disability support pension, OR
    • carer payment, OR
    • special benefit, AND
  • have not already been paid an EdEP in the same calendar year.


Policy reference: SS Guide 8.1.1 Claim Lodgement Provisions


Qualification when overseas

A WidB, PPS, DSP, CP or SpB recipient who is overseas qualifies for EdEP provided they remain eligible for PES while overseas.


Note: PES remains payable if:

  • the recipient's absence overseas is for the purpose of undertaking part of the studies for the course of education for which the person qualifies for PES, OR
  • the recipient's absence overseas is for any other purpose but is less than 6 weeks.


Example: A recipient is required to complete one semester of an Asian Studies degree overseas. The recipient qualifies for EdEP because the study is part of the course.


Act reference: SSAct section 1061PN Absence of persons overseas


Incorrect EdEP payment

If a WidB, PPS, DSP, CP or SpB recipient receives an EdEP when they are NOT qualified, the payment is considered a recoverable debt.

Example: A recipient receives EdEP BUT they are not eligible for PES.


The payment also becomes a debt if the person is required to pay enrolment fees for the course in relation to which the EdEP payment was made and the person does not pay those fees in the calendar year in respect of which the payment was made.


Recovery of EdEP supplement

Note: The EdEP supplement has ceased as at 30 June 2010.


The EdEP supplement is only recoverable where:

  • the EdEP supplement related to 3 February 2009, and
  • was determined not payable due to the recipient making a false statement or knowingly providing false information.


Act reference: SSAct section 1223 Debts arising from lack of qualification, overpayment etc., section 1224B Education entry payment debt

Policy reference: SS Guide EEP, EdEP & TAL Overpayments



The following table lists the references for qualification and need for a claim for EdEP.

Payment Type

SSAct Reference/Qualification

Widow B pension

section 665I Payment to a widow B pensioner, section 665K Need for claim

Parenting payment (single)

section 665A Payment to recipient of pension PP (single), section 665C Need for claim

Disability support pension

section 665E Payment to a disability support pensioner, section 665G Need for claim

Carer payment

section 665ZFA Payment to a carer payment recipient, section 665ZFC Need for claim

Special benefit

section 665M Payment to a special benefit recipient, section 665P Need for claim


Last reviewed: 2 January 2013


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