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Print this page Print this page Qualification for CA during Overseas Travel

Care receiver and/or carer overseas

A carer remains qualified for payment of CA in the following situations:

  • they travel overseas temporarily with the care receiver for a period that does not exceed 6 weeks,
  • their partner travels overseas temporarily with the child care receiver. The carer, who remains in Australia, may continue to be qualified for CA, if the absence is temporary and does not exceed 6 weeks,
  • they travel overseas without the child care receiver, leaving the care receiver in the care of their partner, for a period that does not exceed 6 weeks,
  • their child care receiver is temporarily absent from Australia, without their carer or the carer's partner and, the 63 days temporary cessation of care provisions ( are applied,
  • the adult care receiver is temporarily absent from Australia without their carer and the 63 days temporary cessation of care provisions ( are applied.


Care receivers on certain income support payments may be paid for up to 6 weeks for temporary overseas absences. Care receivers on certain other payments such as Age may be paid indefinitely whilst overseas.


If the carer or care receiver does not intend to resume the care situation, CA ceases from date of departure.


Act reference: SSAct section 956 Absence from Australia, section 957(4) Cessation of care in order to undertake training etc., section 1217(4) Meaning of portability period if maximum portability period limited

Policy reference: SS Guide Portability Table


Last reviewed: 11 November 2013


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