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3.6.7 CA - Qualification & Payability


This section details the qualification and payability issues for CA (child and adult).


Note that information about using the DCLA (1.1.D.170) tool is in SS Guide 3.6.12 and information about using the ADAT (1.1.A.78) is in SS Guide 3.6.9.


Policy reference: SS Guide Carer Allowance (CA) - Description


In this section

This section contains the following topics: Qualification for HCC Only CA (child) HCC Only CA (child) - Measuring the Level of Care & Attention Qualification for CA Qualification for CA (child) - Automatic Qualification for CA (child) through Qualification for CP (child) Qualification for CA (child) with Combined DCLA Scores of 2 Children Qualification for CA (child) - Transition (Turning 16 Years of Age) from CA (child) to CA (adult) Qualification for CA - Carer & Care Receiver not Co-resident Qualification for CA - Verifying Care Provided by Non Co-resident Carers Qualification for CA during Temporary Cessation of Care Qualification during Temporary Absence from the Private Home - Hospitalisation (CA) Qualification for CA during Overseas Travel Qualification during Temporary Absence from the Private Home - Education, Training or Treatment (other than in hospital) - CA (child) Qualification during Temporary Absence of a Child from the Private Home - HCC only CA (child) Payability of CA Payability of CA - Recipient in Gaol or in Psychiatric Confinement Payability of CA - Carers with Shared Care Responsibilities Payability of Child Disability Assistance Payment Saved Cases - CA (child) Recipients before July 1998 (Historical) Number not currently in use Number not currently in use Assessment of CA Claim Start Day for CA Backdating Start Day for CA Supplementary Benefits & Assistance for CA (child) Recipients Bereavement Provisions for CA Notification & Recipient Obligations for CA Continuation, Variation or Termination of CA


Last reviewed: 11 November 2013


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