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Even though a recipient is qualified, MOB is NOT payable to the recipient in the circumstances listed in the following table. Where more detail about the circumstance is required, the second column indicates where you will find this.


More Detail

Specific provisions

The recipient receives a car from DVA, under the Vehicle Assistance Scheme (MOB) (1.1.V.30).

This topic.

Receiving a funded package of support under the NDIS.

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The recipient is overseas.

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The recipient has received an advance of MOB and the advance payment period (1.1.A.80) has not ended.

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Common provisions

Allowance is not payable before the start day.

SS Guide 8.3 Start Days.

Other common payability provisions.

3.1.6 General Payability Provisions.

The recipient is serving a NARWP unless he or she has a QRE. Newly Arrived Resident's Waiting Period

1.1.Q.35 Qualifying residence exemption.


Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 64 Requirement to undergo medical examination etc

Policy reference: SS Guide Supplementary Benefits & Assistance for MOB Recipients, MOB - Current Rates


Newly arrived residents waiting period

The NARWP applies to MOB. Recipients serving the waiting period cannot be paid MOB until the expiration of the waiting period. The NARWP is not served if a recipient has a QRE for MOB. New Zealand citizens who became Australian residents after 1 February 2000 are subject to NARWP for MOB.


Act reference: SSAct section 7(6) A person has a qualifying residence exemption… section 7(6AA) A person also has a qualifying residence exemption

Policy reference: SS Guide Newly Arrived Resident's Waiting Period, Exemptions from Waiting Periods, NARWP Savings Provisions


Recipients assisted under the DVA Vehicle Assistance Scheme

Recipients who are given a car through the DVA Vehicle Assistance Scheme cannot be paid MOB while they have use of the car. This includes the initial car which is provided to the recipient and any replacement cars for which the recipient receives a grant to assist with the purchase.

Explanation: Veterans who suffer from severe disabilities which affect their mobility may be given a car under section 105 of the VEA. This scheme provides them with a car and an annual running and maintenance allowance. After 2 years the veteran is entitled to a vehicle replacement grant to assist in the purchase of a new vehicle.


Person assisted under the NDIS

MOB cannot be paid to a person who is a NDIS participant if:

  • a NDIS plan is in effect for that person, AND
  • the plan contains a statement specifying the reasonable and the necessary supports for that person will be funded under the NDIS.

Explanation: Participants of the NDIS that have a plan with a funded package of support cannot be paid MOB. The NDIS plan is tailored to the person's individual circumstances to support their independence and social economic participation, whilst providing reasonable and necessary supports to enable this.


Participants in the NDIS who do not receive funded supports can be considered payable for MOB.


Act reference: SSAct section 1038 Mobility Allowance not payable when person is NDIS participant


Recipients receiving a GST-free car

A person who is supplied with a GST-free car under the Goods and Services Act may also be eligible for MOB.

Explanation: Prior to 1 July 2000 a recipient who purchased a car sales tax exempt could not be paid MOB for the next 2 years.


Recipients overseas

MOB may be payable for temporary overseas absences of up to 6 weeks, provided the person remains qualified.


Policy reference: SS Guide 7.1 Conditions for Payment Outside Australia, Portability Table, 7.2 Arrangements for Payment Outside Australia


Advance payments

Recipients can receive advance payment of MOB, subject to the provisions detailed in the linked policy reference.


Policy reference: SS Guide 5.4.5 MOB Advance Payment


Last reviewed: 1 July 2013


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