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3.2.9 Activity Testing for NSA/YA Job Seekers - Suitable Activities


This section describes activities that are suitable activities for the purposes of satisfying the activity test (1.1.A.40).


Policy reference: SS Guide Newstart Allowance (NSA) - Description, Youth Allowance (YA) - Description


In this section

This section contains the following topics: Activity Testing for NSA/YA Job Seekers - Suitable Activities - Overview Job Search - Overview Job Search - Setting Job Search Requirements - General Job Search - Setting Job Search Requirements - Principal Carer Parent, Partial Capacity to Work & Mature Age (55 Years & Over) Job Seekers Meeting Job Search Requirements - Assessment Suitable Activity - Work for the Dole Suitable Activity - Full-Time Work for the Dole Suitable Activity - Drought Force Suitable Activity - Green Corps Suitable Activity - Early School Leavers (YA) Suitable Activity - Study & Training Suitable Activity - Part-time or Casual Employment Suitable Activity - Brokered or Unpaid Work Experience Placement Activities Suitable Activity - Voluntary Work Suitable Activity - Defence Force Reserves Suitable Activity - Placement in Other Commonwealth or State Government Labour Market or Appropriate Training or Skills Development Programs, including Skills for Education & Employment Program & Indigenous programs such as CDEP & NEIS Suitable Activity - Non-vocational Programs & Services Suitable Activity - Relocation Suitable Activity - Self-employment (Including Through NEIS) Suitable Activity - Quarterly Interview Suitable Activity - National Green Jobs Corps Suitable Activity - Principal Carer Suitable Activity - RJCP Structured Activities Suitable Activity - RJCP Community Participation Activities Suitable Activity - Remote Youth Leadership & Development Corps


Last reviewed: 20 September 2012


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