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Review & appeals - payment pending review

If a parent disagrees with a decision to suspend or cancel their schooling requirement payment AND seeks review by either a review officer or the SSAT their payment will usually continue as normal until the review of the decision is finalised. This is called payment pending review (PPR).


PPR usually commences from the date of the decision or, if the review officer has re-applied the suspension or cancellation following their review and the parent has requested an SSAT review, then PPR would commence from the date the suspension or cancellation was re-applied. PPR does NOT apply if the suspension or cancellation period has already finished.


PPR does NOT apply to applications for review to the AAT or the courts which have their own methods of 'staying' the operation of the suspension or cancellation.


IF the suspension or cancellation still applies once all the review activity has been finalised THEN the suspension or cancellation is reapplied from the date of the decision to affirm the original decision.

Example: On 20 February Brian asks DHS to review the decision to suspend his schooling requirement payment from 15 February for failure to comply with an enrolment notice. Brian's schooling requirement payment is restored with effect from 15 February. On 25 February a review officer affirms the original decision and suspends Brian's payment with effect from 25 February. Brian decides not to appeal the decision to the SSAT. The decision to suspend payment from 25 February remains in place until Brian complies with the enrolment notice.


Last reviewed: 13 May 2013


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