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Print this page Print this page Review of Decision that a Person is Unable to Enter Into a VIM Agreement

Review of decision that a person is unable to enter into a VIM agreement

A person may request a review of the decision to not enter into an agreement with the person under SS(Admin)Act section 123UM.


Under section 123UM the following could be reviewed:

  • whether the person is an eligible recipient of a category H welfare payment,
  • if the person has a payment nominee, whether that nominee is an excluded nominee,
  • whether the person's usual place of residence is within a declared VIM area,
  • whether the person is subject to any of the compulsory income management measures,
  • whether it is feasible to deliver income management services to the person,
  • if the person is a payment nominee for another person, whether the other person has given their consent, or has withdrawn their consent, to the agreement.


Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123UM Voluntary income management agreement


Last reviewed: 20 March 2012


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