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11.1.5 Actions Taken to Meet Priority Needs under Income Management


SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Division 6 allows for priority needs to be met in a number of ways. It is expected that most income managed funds will be allocated to a person's BasicsCard or paid directly to providers of services, e.g. landlords or utilities providers.


The topics listed below detail the actions that the delegate may take under the SS(Admin)Act Part 3 Division 6 to meet the priority needs of a person, or of the person's partner, children or other dependants. Also included are the criteria that must be satisfied before such an action can be taken.


Note: Not all of these methods may currently be available to the delegate and, in some cases (such as the issue of store cards), the methods should only be considered if the person has declined the use of a BasicsCard, the BasicsCard is temporarily unavailable, or the BasicsCard is an unsuitable payment mechanism for the person.


Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Division 6 Debits from income management accounts


In this section

This section contains the following topics: Meeting Priority Needs Using the BasicsCard Meeting Priority Needs by Crediting an Account Meeting Priority Needs through Expense Payment Meeting Priority Needs Using Vouchers & Stored Value Cards Meeting Priority Needs through Transfers to Accounts Money Not Subject to Restrictions under Income Management Payments to Third Party Organisations under Income Management


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