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Print this page Print this page Reinstatement of Income Management Arrangements after a Period of Cancellation of Payments

Reinstatement of income management arrangements

If less than 13 weeks have passed since the person's last income management disbursements, the delegate may continue with existing deductions, subject to confirmation with the person by phone.


If more than 13 weeks have passed since the person's payment was cancelled, then the person is required to complete a new claim, and standard income management commencement processes should be followed.


Note: Under the Cape York and the Child Protection Measures, income management notices have a start and end date. If a person stops receiving a payment that is a trigger payment (or payments are suspended), the income management notice will continue to have effect when a person returns to payments before the end date of the notice, unless the notice is revoked.


When a person's payments are reinstated, the delegate must confirm that the original notice issued for that person is still in effect.


If a person's payments are reinstated, a face-to-face interview should be conducted as soon as possible to assess disbursements and allocations.


Under VIM, an agreement should only cease when a person's payment is cancelled and not restored. If this happens, a new agreement would need to be entered into if the person has returned to payment and would like their payments to be income managed again. In this case, it would be necessary for the person to wait until 21 days had expired from the time that they previously exited income management.


Last reviewed: 4 January 2011


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