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11.1.10 Recovery of Debited Funds under Income Management


This section explains the steps taken by the delegate for the recovery of income managed funds when debts have been incurred.


Income management debts, which arise under SS(Admin)Act, Part 3B Division 8, may be processed through methods identical to the debt recovery methods in SSAct Part 5.3. These debts will be recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible without causing real financial hardship to debtors (see 6.7.2).


This will make available a range of recovery methods, including:

  • deductions from the person's pension, benefit or allowance (SSAct section 1231),
  • legal proceedings (section 1232),
  • garnishee notice (section 1233),
  • arrangement for payment of debt (section 1234),
  • recovery of amounts from financial institutions (section 1234AA), and
  • deductions by consent from the social security payment of a third party (section 1234A).


The non-recovery provisions in SSAct Part 5.4 also apply to this category of debts. That is, in certain circumstances, it will be possible for the delegate to waive or write-off income management debts.


Act reference: SSAct Part 5.3 Methods of recovery, section 1231 Deductions from debtor's pension, benefit or allowance, section 1232 Legal proceedings, section 1233 Garnishee notice, section 1234 Arrangement of payment of debt, section 1234AA Recovery of amounts from financial institutions, section 1234A Deductions by consent from social security payment of person who is not a debtor, Part 5.4 Non-recovery of debts

SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Division 8 Debt recovery etc.


In this section

This section contains the following topics: Person Other than Payee Obtains Value for Non-endorsed Cheque under Income Management Misuse of Vouchers & Stored Value Cards under Income Management Repayment of Money Credited to an Income Management Account Breach of Condition Relating to Crediting of Income Management Account (deleted - see Number not currently in use Value of Debits Exceeds Credit Balance of Income Management Account


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