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Print this page Print this page Inside Australia Rate - Agreement with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Inside Australia rate

The rate of pension payable under the Agreement to people who are inside Australia is calculated according to


People paid the inside Australia rate under Article 12(5) have their Macedonian benefit directly deducted from the maximum rate of Australian age pension for as long as they reside in Australia and rely on the Agreement. After they have accrued 10 years of Australian residence, and need not totalise under the Agreement, their Macedonian pension will be treated as ordinary income, and the ordinary income test should be applied.


Temporary departure from Australia

People paid under the Agreement who reside in Australia, and temporarily travel outside Australia, will continue to have their rate calculated under the inside Australia rate for up to 26 weeks. After 26 weeks, their rate will be calculated under the outside Australia rate in


Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 26 The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


Last reviewed: 21 March 2011


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