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Print this page Print this page Carer Payment (CP) - Description

Objective of CP

CP is a fortnightly income support payment for people who are unable to support themselves through substantial employment due to the demands of their caring role.


CP may be paid where a carer (1.1.C.40) provides constant care (1.1.C.310) for:

  • a higher ADAT score adult (1.1.H.63), OR
  • a lower ADAT score adult (1.1.L.130) and a dependent child aged under 16 years of the lower ADAT score adult, OR
  • a child with severe disability (1.1.S.133), OR
  • severe medical condition (1.1.S.130), OR
  • 2 or more children, each with disability or medical condition (combined) (1.1.C.195), OR
  • one or more children each with disability or medical condition and a lower ADAT score adult (multiple care) (1.1.M.155), OR
  • a child aged under 16 who has a terminal condition (1.1.T.86).


Separated or divorced parents exchanging care of children with disability or medical condition can qualify for CP (child) (1.1.C.361) under the exchanged care (1.1.E.162) provisions.


The disability or medical condition for which the care receiver needs care must be either permanent or expected to last for at least 6 months (1.1.P.230) unless the condition is terminal or short term or episodic.


CP is income and assets tested and paid at the same rate as other social security pensions such as Age and DSP.


Other supplementary assistance for CP recipients

Apart from the dependent child of a lower ADAT score adult, children aged under 16 years who qualify a carer for CP automatically qualify their carer for CA.


CP recipients qualified through short term (1.1.S.172) or episodic care (1.1.E.132) provisions automatically qualify for a HCC. All other CP recipients automatically qualify for a PCC.


CP recipients may also qualify for other supplementary assistance such as RA or pension supplement.


Act reference: SSAct section 197A Overview-circumstances in which person is qualified for carer payment

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP, Qualification for CA (child) - Automatic Qualification for CA (child) through Qualification for CP (child), CP - Current Rates


Last reviewed: 12 November 2012


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