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1.1.P.310 Portability, proportional portability

Definition: portability

'Portability' refers to a person's continuing entitlement to an Australian social security payment (section 23(1)-'social security payment') while outside Australia (1.1.A.320). Once portability of entitlement is established, payments may continue in Australia or be directed overseas, depending on the type of payment and/or the duration of the absence.


Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security payment'


Usage: proportional portability

The proportional portability definition applies to:

  • age pension,
  • wife pension,
  • widow B pension,
  • parenting payment (single),
  • disability support pension, and
  • carer payment.


Definition: proportional portability

'Proportional portability' refers to the rate of pension to be paid after a pensioner has been absent from Australia for a continuous period of 26 weeks. It usually means that the pension rate overseas is based on the person's AWLR (1.1.A.340) up to a maximum period of 25 years or 300 months.


Act reference: SSAct Part 4.2 Overseas portability

Policy reference: SS Guide Portability Table, 7.2.2 Rate of Portable Pension, Australian Working Life Residence


Last reviewed: 7 June 2010


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