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1.1.E.103 Employment pathway plan (NSA, YA (job seekers), PP)


An EPP for the purposes of the SSAct is an agreement that outlines an individual's requirements and obligations under the activity test.


An EPP can be in any form approved by the Secretary, but whatever form it takes it must be made clear in the agreement that it is an EPP under the SSAct and it must be signed by the individual entering into the EPP.


Job seekers receiving NSA or YA

All job seekers without an activity test exemption (3.2.11) will need to have an EPP created wfhen they claim payment. A person is not qualified for payment if they are not prepared to enter into and comply with the terms of an EPP. The EPP lasts for the person's time on payment or until it is replaced with a new or amended plan. Whenever a job seeker undertakes a new activity or their requirements change, their EPP should be reviewed and updated as required.


Any person with the appropriate delegation can determine the activities for inclusion in a job seeker's EPP ( Currently officers in DHS and employment services providers hold this delegation.


When is an EPP not required?

EPPs are generally not required when a person has an activity test exemption (3.2.11). If a person has a limited capacity to meet the activity test but is not eligible for an exemption, then a tailored EPP should be prepared taking into account any specific needs of the job seeker, such as family and caring responsibilities and their health.


While not subject to an activity test, certain PP recipients are subject to mandatory part-time participation requirements (


Remote Jobs and Communities Program

For the RJCP an EPP under social security law is also known as an individual participation plan.


Act reference: SSAct section 605 Newstart Employment Pathway Plans-requirement, section 544 Requirements relating to Youth Allowance Employment Pathway Plans, section 501 Parenting Payment Employment Pathway Plans

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.2.1 NSA - Qualification & Payability, 3.2.3 YA - Qualification & Payability


Last reviewed: 1 July 2013


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