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1.1.D Key Terms Beginning with the Letter D


This section describes the terms beginning with the letter D.


In this section

This section contains the following topics:

1.1.D.10 Daily basis (CA)

1.1.D.13 Daily fees (residential aged care)

1.1.D.16 Damages

1.1.D.17 Date of action

1.1.D.18 Date of effect

1.1.D.19 Date of event

1.1.D.20 Date of incapacity (DSP, SA)

1.1.D.22 Date of notification

1.1.D.30 Date of qualification of the age pension (PBS)

1.1.D.40 Debt

1.1.D.44 Deductible amount

1.1.D.45 Deduction amount

1.1.D.47 Defined benefit income stream

1.1.D.50 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.55 Delivery day

1.1.D.56 Delivery day code

1.1.D.58 Department of Human Services psychologist (DSP, NSA)

1.1.D.60 Departure interview

1.1.D.65 Dependant (HCC)

1.1.D.70 Dependent child

1.1.D.73 Dependent female

1.1.D.80 Dependent child (YA)

1.1.D.90 Dependent child (for YA independence purposes only)

1.1.D.100 Dependent YA recipient, independent YA recipient (YA)

1.1.D.110 Deprived asset

1.1.D.115 Designated provider

1.1.D.120 Designated year (PBS)

1.1.D.125 Detained person

1.1.D.130 Developmental milestones - DCLA (CP (child), CA (child))

1.1.D.140 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.150 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.160 Disability (DSP, SA, CP, CA)

1.1.D.170 Disability care load assessment (child) (CP (child), CA (child))

1.1.D.180 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.190 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.200 Discretionary trust

1.1.D.210 Disposal of assets

1.1.D.220 Disposal of income

1.1.D.230 Disposal preclusion period (PBS)

1.1.D.235 Domestic and/or family violence (CrP)

1.1.D.240 Double orphan (DOP)

1.1.D.250 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.255 Drawings

1.1.D.260 Dual occupancy residential development


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