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1.1.C Key Terms Beginning with the Letter C


This section describes the terms beginning with the letter C.


In this section

This section contains the following topics:

1.1.C.04 Capital account of a business partnership

1.1.C.10 Care & attention (CA)

1.1.C.15 Care definitions

1.1.C.17 Care load (CP (child), CA (child))

1.1.C.20 Care receiver (CP)

1.1.C.21 Care receiver (CA)

1.1.C.25 Care situations

1.1.C.30 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.40 Carer (CP, CA)

1.1.C.50 Carer preclusion period (PBS)

1.1.C.55 Carer specialised assessment team (CSAT) (CP (child))

1.1.C.60 Carer visa holder (CP)

1.1.C.63 Cash

1.1.C.70 Category 1 student (SFSS)

1.1.C.80 Category 2 student (SFSS)

1.1.C.88 CA adult (CA)

1.1.C.90 CA child (CA)

1.1.C.100 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.102 CDEP Scheme participant

1.1.C.103 CDEP Scheme Participant Supplement (CPS)

1.1.C.104 CDEP Scheme payment

1.1.C.105 CDEP Scheme quarter

1.1.C.110 Changes in circumstances (DOP)

1.1.C.115 Child (HCC)

1.1.C.120 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.130 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.140 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.144 Child with a disability (CA)

1.1.C.146 Child with a profound disability (CP (child))

1.1.C.150 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.160 Chronological age (CA (child), CP (child))

1.1.C.170 Clean energy advance daily rate

1.1.C.175 Clean energy advance period

1.1.C.180 Clean energy advance top-up

1.1.C.190 Clean energy payment

1.1.C.195 Combined care (CP)

1.1.C.200 Combined DCLA scores of 2 children (CA (child))

1.1.C.205 Commencement day for income streams

1.1.C.206 Commercial care arrangements (CA, CP)

1.1.C.207 Commercial lease value

1.1.C.208 Commonwealth registration number (YA, Austudy)

1.1.C.210 Commonwealth scholarship

1.1.C.212 Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Scheme

1.1.C.220 Company - public & private

1.1.C.230 Comparable foreign payment (CFP)

1.1.C.240 Compensation

1.1.C.250 Compensation affected payment

1.1.C.260 Compensation preclusion period (PBS)

1.1.C.270 Compensation recovery charge

1.1.C.280 Compulsorily preserved superannuation benefits (CPSB)

1.1.C.290 Concessional study-load student (Austudy, PES, YA)

1.1.C.300 Number not currently in use

1.1.C.310 Constant care (CP)

1.1.C.320 Continuing basis (MOB)

1.1.C.330 Continuing inability to work (CITW) (DSP)

1.1.C.340 Continuous personal care (CP)

1.1.C.350 Continuous support (YA, DSP)

1.1.C.353 Correspondence nominee

1.1.C.355 Court order (income stream split)

1.1.C.360 CP (adult)

1.1.C.361 CP (child)

1.1.C.370 Cusp adjustment - DCLA (CP (child), CA (child))

1.1.C.380 Custody order, court order


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