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1.1.A.324 Australian apprentice (YA, Austudy)


For the purposes of YA and Austudy, Australian apprentice (previously known as new apprentice) means a person who has a current Commonwealth registration number in relation to a full-time apprenticeship, traineeship or trainee apprenticeship under the scheme known as 'Australian Apprenticeships', but does not include a person whose registration number is suspended.


The terms Australian apprenticeships and Australian apprentices cover all apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements - both new and traditional. Australian apprenticeships can cover full or part-time work. The part-time arrangements are also available to school students.


Part-time Australian apprentices

Part-time Australian apprentices are those whose ordinary hours of employment, incorporating both work and training components are LESS than that which is regarded as full-time for an Australian apprentice in that industry, trade, occupation or kind of work.


Full-time Australian apprentices

Full-time Australian apprentices are those whose training contract is considered full-time by DEEWR.


Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'new apprentice'


Last reviewed: 21 March 2011


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