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1.1.A.120 Agreement - country, pension, international social security agreement


These definitions apply to the following payments when covered by a particular agreement:

  • age pension,
  • wife pension,
  • widow B pension,
  • parenting payment (single),
  • disability support pension, and
  • carer payment.


Definition: agreement country

An agreement country is a country with which Australia (1.1.A.320) currently has an international social security agreement.


Definition: international social security agreement

An agreement is an international social security agreement if:

  • the agreement is between Australia and a foreign country, AND
  • the agreement relates to reciprocity in social security matters, AND
  • the text of the agreement is set out in a Schedule to the SSAct.


Definition: agreement pension

An agreement pension is a pension which is paid and controlled under the provisions of an International social security agreement.


Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act section 5 Scheduled international social security agreements


Last reviewed: 4 February 2008


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