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1.1.A Key Terms Beginning with the Letter A


This section describes the terms beginning with the letter A.


In this section

This section contains the following topics:

1.1.A.10 Accommodated independent person (YA)

1.1.A.15 Accommodation bond, accommodation bond balance

1.1.A.16 Accommodation bond transitional provisions

1.1.A.18 Accommodation charge

1.1.A.20 Accruing member(ship) (PBS)

1.1.A.28 Accumulator

1.1.A.30 Active participation in a program of support (DSP)

1.1.A.40 Activity test (NSA, YA (job seekers))

1.1.A.50 Number not currently in use

1.1.A.52 Acute onset (CA)

1.1.A.55 Adequate financial consideration (deprivation)

1.1.A.58 Adjacent land

1.1.A.60 Adjusted percentage (PBS)

1.1.A.62 Adjusted taxable income (CSHC)

1.1.A.63 Adjusted taxable income (LIS)

1.1.A.65 Adjustment payment

1.1.A.70 Adopted child

1.1.A.75 Adult Disability Assessment Determination 1999 (CA, CP)

1.1.A.78 Adult Disability Assessment Tool (ADAT) (CA (adult), CP)

1.1.A.79 Adult with a disability (CA, CP)

1.1.A.80 Advance payment period (MOB)

1.1.A.90 Number not currently in use

1.1.A.100 Number not currently in use

1.1.A.110 Aged care

1.1.A.120 Agreement - country, pension, international social security agreement

1.1.A.125 Allowable income for low income HCC (LIC)

1.1.A.130 Amount of disposition - assets & income

1.1.A.140 Annual notional partnered pension rate (PBS)

1.1.A.150 Annual notional single pension rate (PBS)

1.1.A.155 Annual payment

1.1.A.160 Annual pension rate (PBS)

1.1.A.170 Appropriate tax year (YA)

1.1.A.180 Approval of courses (YA)

1.1.A.190 Number not currently in use

1.1.A.200 Approved care organisation (ACO)

1.1.A.210 Approved course of education or study (YA (full-time student), Austudy, PES)

1.1.A.215 Approved friendly society

1.1.A.218 Approved scholarship course (YA, Austudy)

1.1.A.220 Approved voluntary work organisation (NSA, YA, PP, SpB)

1.1.A.230 Arm's length loan

1.1.A.240 Arm's length transaction

1.1.A.250 Arrangement (YA)

1.1.A.260 Articulated courses (YA)

1.1.A.270 Articulated short course sequence (YA, Austudy, PES)

1.1.A.280 Assessable period

1.1.A.290 Asset

1.1.A.300 Number not currently in use

1.1.A.304 Asset-tested income stream (long term, short term)

1.1.A.306 Asset-test exempt income stream

1.1.A.310 Assuree, assurer, assurance of support, assurance of support security

1.1.A.315 ATO small superannuation account

1.1.A.320 Australia

1.1.A.323 Australian apprentice income bank (YA, Austudy)

1.1.A.324 Australian apprentice (YA, Austudy)

1.1.A.327 Australian Government Actuary (AGA)

1.1.A.330 Australian resident

1.1.A.340 Australian working life residence (AWLR)

1.1.A.350 Authorised review officer (ARO)

1.1.A.360 Autonomous pensions

1.1.A.370 Average weekly earnings

1.1.A.375 AWOTE, relevant AWOTE, AWOTE weeks


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