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Accessing Legislative References Tip Sheet

In the Guide links to legislative references will open the ComLaw website in a new window. The page displayed will be the Series Home Page for the referenced item. The Series Home Page provides access to compilations of the item since 1 January 2005, any amendments to the item since it was made and any items on ComLaw/FRLI that have been enabled by the act. The text of any amendments that are not in force on the date when the compilation is prepared can be found in the Notes section which is located at the end of the compilation.


ComLaw website opened in a new window. 


From the list of compilations choose the relevant compilation; this will generally be the 'Current' version which will be at the top of the list. There may be occasions where a historical compilation is relevant to your research/decision making, use the start and end dates to identify the relevant compilation.

Series home page for the Social Security Act 1991. 


The chosen compilation page provides the act or legislative instrument in four formats - HTML, Word/RTF, PDF and ZIP. For larger items, such as the Social Security Act 1991, the compilation may contain several volumes. Choose the preferred format and volume, where relevant, by clicking on the relevant icon.

Current compilation of the Social Security Act 1991. 


Once displayed a user can navigate using normal application functionality, e.g. scrolling, control F (to find within the open document). The HTML format of volume 2 of the Social Security Act 1991 is used in the example below.

Find functionality used to locate referenced section in the HTML version of the Social Security Act 1991. 


Further information about using the ComLaw website is available in ComLaw's Quick Reference Guide.


Last reviewed: 2 November 2009


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