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SS Guide Contents Using the Guide What's New 1 Key Terms & Principles 2 Claim Verification 3 Qualification & Payability 4 Income & Assets 5 Payment Rates 6 Reviews, Debts & Payment Recovery 7 Portability & CFP 8 Administration Act Provisions 9 Visas, Entitlements & Assurances of Support 10 Australian Social Security Agreements 11 Income Management Acronym List Keyword Index Act Section Index Site Map

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Using the Guide

Welcome to the Guide to Social Security Law.


What does the Guide cover?

The Guide is divided into 11 parts as explained in the following table:

Part Name

What is Covered

1 Key Terms & Principles

Terms used in the administration of payments/benefits, descriptions of benefits & principles surrounding the social security law.

2 Claim Verification

Policies regarding verification of claim information.

3 Qualification & Payability

What characteristics will qualify a claimant/recipient, along with other information regarding the assessment, for example commencement dates, notifiable events and payability issues.

4 Income & Assets

Which payments/benefits have income/assets testing, what the limits are for them, and what constitutes income and assets.

5 Rates & Payment Methods

Current and some historic rates for all payments along with information about how payments are made, for example advances, direct credits and periodicity.

6 Reviews, Debts & Payment Recovery

Various review mechanisms, all about overpayments, and what happens when a claimant receives compensation.

7 Portability & CFP

Conditions for payment outside Australia, and a brief explanation of comparable foreign payment provisions.

8 Administration Act Provisions

Provides guidance on:

- the structure and content of the Social Security Administration Act 1999,

- discretionary decision making under the Social Security Administration Act 1999, and

- certain procedural requirements for the implementation of the Social Security Administration Act 1999.

9 Visas, Entitlements & Assurances of Support

Information about visas issued by DIAC, entitlement to social security payments and the AoS scheme.

10 Australian Social Security Agreements

Information about Australia's social security agreements with other countries.

11 Income Management

Information about income management and its application.


Use of abbreviations

For ease of reference the following abbreviations are used in the Guide:

  • SS Guide - Guide to Social Security Law
  • SSAct - Social Security Act 1991
  • SS(Admin)Act - Social Security (Administration) Act 1999
  • SS(IntAgree)Act - Social Security (International Agreements) Act 1999
  • FA Guide - Family Assistance Guide
  • FAAct - A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999
  • FA(Admin)Act - A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999
  • PPL Guide - Paid Parental Leave Guide
  • PPLAct - Paid Parental Leave Act 2010


Finding information

The following features are provided to assist in finding relevant information:

  • Search - type your search term (words or phrases) in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Site map - gives an overall picture of the structure of the Guide to Social Security Law.
  • Keyword Index - this provides an extensive list of words which can be used to search for specific topics.
  • Act Section Index - this provides a list of sections in the social security legislation referenced in the Guide. This can be used to search for topics that relate to each listed section.



The Guide has a number of links incorporated at various levels, including the following:

  • Act references - links to relevant law on the ComLaw website (see tip sheet for assistance navigating to a referenced section),
  • Policy references - links to related information in other parts of the Guide, and sometimes to other policy documents.


Last reviewed: 4 January 2011


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