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8.1.1 JET Child Care Participation Plans


This section explains how JET child care participation plans and participation agreements (1.1.J.20) will apply under JETCCFA guidelines.


Activities in JET child care participation plans will continue to attract JETCCFA if the person:

  • was eligible for SJFA (1.1.S.93) on 30 June 2006, AND
  • had a SJFA end date after 30 June 2006, AND
  • had a JET child care participation plan in force on 30 June 2006.


If this is the case, the activities in the person's JET child care participation plan, subject to the SJFA activity limits, will, providing the person remains eligible for JETCCFA, be approved for JETCCFA.


Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.20 JET child care participation plans (SJFA), 1.1.S.93 Special JET fee assistance (SJFA)


Last reviewed: 3 January 2012


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