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7.3.2 Waiver of Debts


This section contains information about the circumstances in which the recovery of debts (1.1.D.60) to the Commonwealth may be waived (1.1.W.10).


The recovery of a debt may be waived only under the specific circumstances that are covered in topics in this section.


Date of effect for waiving a debt

A debt waiver takes effect on the day:

  • specified in the decision, or
  • the day the decision is made if there is no date specified.


Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 96 Power to waive Commonwealth's right to recover debt


Effect of waiver

When a decision has been made to waive a debt or part of a debt, no further recovery action on the waived amount can be taken.


If Centrelink's intention is to defer the recovery of a debt, the debt must be written-off instead.


Policy reference: FA Guide 7.3.1 Writing-off a Debt


In this section

This section covers the following topics: Waiver of $1000 - Transitional Arrangements for 2000-01 Waiving a Debt Arising from Administrative Error Waiving a Debt Relating to an Offence Waiving a Small Debt Waiver in Relation to Settlements Waiver in Special Circumstances Waiving a Particular Class of Debt


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