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This topic explains the rules governing the creation of JETCCFA EPPs (1.1.J.95).


To be eligible for JETCCFA, a person must enter into a written EPP with Centrelink. All people who want to receive JETCCFA must enter into an EPP to ensure JETCCFA is targeted to supporting activities that assist people to return to work.


A JETCCFA EPP must specify requirements of a claimant

A JETCCFA EPP must specify an activity or activities that the person is to undertake.


The activities specified in a JETCCFA EPP can only be JETCCFA activities (1.1.J.30) and the period of those activities must be within the JETCCFA activity limits (1.1.J.50).


Terms of what is specified in JETCCFA EPPs

In having regard to the person's capacity to undertake the activities in an EPP, Centrelink is to take into account, but is not limited to the following matters:

  • the person's education, experience, skills, age, disability, illness, mental and physical condition, and
  • the state of the local labour market and the transport options available to the person in accessing that market, and
  • the participation opportunities available to the person, and
  • the family and caring responsibilities of the person, and
  • the length of travel time required for compliance with the EPP, by reference to what constitutes unreasonably difficult commuting, and
  • the financial costs of compliance with the EPP, such as travel costs, and the capacity to pay for such compliance, and
  • any other matters that the decision maker or the person considers relevant in the circumstances.


In determining the approved activities in the person's EPP, Centrelink should consider what activities the person has done in the past, to establish whether the person has exceeded an activity limit or will do so in the course of the new EPP.


The person is to be provided with a copy of their JETCCFA EPP as agreed with Centrelink.


Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.30 JETCCFA activities, 1.1.J.95 JETCCFA employment pathway plan, 1.1.J.50 JETCCFA activity limits, Purpose of JETCCFA EPPs, Failing to Enter into a JETCCFA EPP, Reviewing JETCCFA EPPs


Last reviewed: 3 May 2010


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