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1.1.R.21 Regular care child


For the purposes of FA, a recipient has a regular care child when the child is in the individual's care between 14% and less than 35% of the time.


A parent with regular care of a child will not have an entitlement to the child related components of FTB but may continue to be eligible for the RA component of FTB Part A and other government benefits including:

  • CCB and CCR - if the parent pays child care fees to an approved child care service provider they will still be able to receive CCB and CCR
  • CCB - if the parent pays child care fees to a registered carer they will still be able to receive CCB,
  • a HCC (if income does not exceed the income threshold for the maximum rate of FTB Part A),
  • the lower threshold for the Medicare Safety Net if income is below the income cut-out amount for FTB Part A, and
  • additional RAA paid with social security income support payments (e.g. NSA).


Act reference: FAAct section 3(1)-'regular care child'


Last reviewed: 16 July 2009


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