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1.1.I.105 Interim period (FTB)


For the purposes of FTB, the maximum interim period is generally 14 weeks from the date that the recipient loses care, or has reduced care, (1.1.C.90) of the child. The actual period that applies to a recipient depends on the circumstances of the case.


The interim period is the period of time that begins on the date the child ceases to be in the person's care in accordance with a care arrangement (1.1.C.05), during which FTB continues to be paid to that person in accordance with the care arrangement, even though the person has a reduced level of actual care, or no actual care, of the child. In some circumstances the person may be paid less than the amount specified in the care arrangement, but a higher amount than they would receive based on their actual care.


The care arrangement ends at the earliest of the following:

  • the day before the person regains care of the child in accordance with the care arrangement, or
  • the day before a new care arrangement begins in relation to the child, or
  • the end of the 14 week period, or
  • the day before the Secretary makes a decision that an interim period does not apply (


In special circumstances, the interim period may be extended to up to 26 weeks.


Act reference: FAAct section 35L(2)-'interim period'

Policy reference: FA Guide Disputed Care Arrangements


Last reviewed: 12 November 2012


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