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1.1.D Key Terms Beginning with the Letter D


This section describes the terms beginning with the letter D.


In this section

This section contains the following topics:

1.1.D.10 Date of action (CCB)

1.1.D.20 Date of effect (CCB)

1.1.D.30 Date of event (CCB)

1.1.D.40 Date of notification (CCB)

1.1.D.50 Day in care (FTB)

1.1.D.60 Debt, debtor

1.1.D.65 Defence Force Income Support Allowance

1.1.D.70 Number not currently in use

1.1.D.75 Designated child support child (FTB)

1.1.D.80 Disabled person (CCB)

1.1.D.90 Disallowable instrument

1.1.D.100 Disbursement method (FTB)


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