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FA Guide Contents Using the Guide What's New 1 Key Terms & Principles 2 Eligibility 3 Rate Calculation 4 Claims & Payments 5 Gathering Information 6 Review & Reconciliation 7 Debts 8 Transitional Arrangements Acronym List Keyword Index Act Section Index Site Map

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Using the Guide

Welcome to the Family Assistance Guide.


What does the Guide cover?

The Guide is divided into 8 parts as explained in the following table:

Part Name

What is Covered

1 Key Terms & Principles

This part contains definitions of key terms used in this Guide and basic descriptions of the various payments and benefits provided for in the FA legislation.

2 Eligibility

This part covers eligibility for all the payments made under FA legislation.

3 Rate Calculation

This part covers calculation of rates of payment under the FA legislation.

4 Claims & Payments

This part contains information on claiming payments administered under the FA legislation.


Common provisions for FA payments are contained in Chapter 1. Policy specific to particular payments is described separately.

5 Gathering Information

This part covers information on the legislative basis for gathering and sharing information about individuals and their FA entitlements.

6 Review & Reconciliation

This part covers the review process in place for decision on FA and JETCCFA made by FAO agencies, as well as the reconciliation of some FA payments.

7 Debts

This part covers information about FA and other debts (1.1.D.60). It also discusses the various methods by which FA and other debts may be recovered.

8 Transitional Arrangements

This part covers transitional arrangements for people receiving SJFA (1.1.S.93) or JCCB (1.1.J.10) as at 30 June 2006.


Use of abbreviations

For ease of reference the following abbreviations are used in the Guide:

  • FA Guide - Family Assistance Guide
  • FAAct - A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999
  • FA(Admin)Act - A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999
  • SS Guide - Guide to Social Security Law
  • SSAct - Social Security Act 1991
  • SS(Admin)Act - Social Security (Administration) Act 1999
  • SS(IntAgree)Act - Social Security (International Agreements) Act 1999
  • PPL Guide - Paid Parental Leave Guide
  • PPLAct - Paid Parental Leave Act 2010


Finding information

The following features are provided to assist in finding relevant information:

  • Search - type your search term (words or phrases) in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Site map - gives an overall picture of the structure of the Family Assistance Guide.
  • Keyword Index - this provides an extensive list of words which can be used to search for specific topics.
  • Act Section Index - this provides a list of sections in the family assistance legislation referenced in the Guide. This can be used to search for topics that relate to each listed section.



The Guide has a number of links incorporated at various levels, including the following:

  • Act references - links to relevant law on the ComLaw website (see tip sheet for assistance navigating to a referenced section),
  • Policy references - links to related information in other parts of the Guide, and sometimes to other policy documents.


Last reviewed: 4 January 2011


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